Once upon a time…

Just made this new album that i truly love. Love the real nest found under a tree in a friend’s house (merci Emanuelle), love the old buttons of the typing machine, love the vintage pages made out of resin ( my father is a quemical engineer worked his whole life with different kinds of resin so i guess it’s in my DNA) love the wool pocket handmade by my mom who’s a real knitter, love the door knob found in the oldest Lisbon flea market “feira da ladra, love the vintage photos that i have already used in others albums who have this nostalgia energy…LOVE my “Once upon a time” album. Hope you’ll like it too, i sense he will leave me soon as being so special and unique.

Started my day with another session of therapy, who’s going very well , i can already feel the small changes and am comitted to make the huge ones, each day at the time. One of my dearest friend who’s  abroad for the moment, ask me what is ok to write in a blog page? I guess it various on the country and culture, for example i love the openness of my americans friends, they exposed themselves which I believe to be brave but receive it as a valuable gift, I sense that here in Portugal mabe my authenticity may be too much not to speak in distant Japan (but i guess i don’t have much japanese fan’s!) I won’t write about my marriage for instance as my husband is concerned, it’s not just about me but about us yet sharing that i’m on a therapy may represent a lot for certain people, who don’t believe in it or think it’s for nuts or…….The point is i write what feels ok to me and mostly what i like to read in others blogs, LIFE  with all is ups and downs, sharing fears,  hopes,  victories,  blessings, joys. I don’t have any power on others peoples beliefs and thoughts, my goal is to relate to ohters, sensing that i’m in my modest way i too belong to the craft and art world, wow! I’M HAPPY WITH THAT and HAVE BEEN BLESSED TO HAVE READERS AND FOLLOWERS. 
THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME and lightens my day so many times when i’m jet lagged and feeling too tired just to get into the studio.

Enjoy your sunday

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