On trust…

I haven’t blog for a while…which is not a good thing say the experts! One must write a page at least once a week…I am not a professional blogger and won’t become one because the web world is not what thrives me…so the issue here is accepting the fact that maybe my blog will not be highly ranked on google. My inner voice keep whispering, don’t push yourself too much things will come in an easy and smooth way, and you know what? I will do just that… cool myself and trust God that he will take me where i should be.

I realize over the years that one of the most difficult things we human have to deal with is …
How difficult is to trust
When to act
When to remain quiet
How can we let go something that we want so much?
Advices are most welcome!
Have a good week
Feel blessed
Thank you

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  1. OoooooH Alex , son tan bonitos tus trabajos !!! No me importa nada esperar !!!! Siempre confío en que un día terminarás un trabajo , y me permitirás verlo !

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