A man in Love…

My last album is most of the time my favorite one! I have sold quite a few lately which is good of course but realize that i have some trouble with it. I know that my clients will cherish and appreciate them but still…i miss those who are gone forever. I know that my fellow artists have the same feeling…A customer was telling me that what she liked about my work was that it convey a fragility and force at the same time. She loved the authenticity of my work understanding how family and being connected  was the backbone of it and yet there is still space for the unknown and my private garden, she was confinding. Wow thank you! I had wings that day, the sky seemed unlimited…I want to hold those good feelings  and thoughts
Heading to Washington DC and… to Paper Source in Georgetown.
Have a good week
Have fun
Open up

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  1. Love this album too Alexandra – your work is so wonderful and inspiring. I know exactly how you feel about those sold ones.

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