On struggling

Hope you had a nice week end? Mine was unsettling…I am doing Katie’s Kendrick online class on mixed media which is absolutely great but very unfamiliar for me. One of her students share on our yahoo group that she feels scared to just let go which was odd because it was just plain paper. I do feel exactly the same way it’s only watercolour paper not that expensive and that’s part of the deal we have to make mistakes! I have this crazy idea that painting is not for everyone so of course I struggle but I do enjoy the journey. My faces look like an alien not friendly at all so i will not post them for now. I keep remember one of my dearest friend who is now more than eighties who started painting when she retired at the age of 65 who wanted to give up at every single class she attend but she didn’t and I kept reminding her advice, step after step you will make progresses. I am definitely out of my comfort zone but it feels good because it means that i’m learning and challenging myself despite the fear of not making it, not being able too bla bla…the usual “saboteur” as my mom calls it.
Our worst enemy being our “dearest mental” who is nagging us all the time we have to be aware!
My husband is my GPS kindly bringing me to the right path again over and over knowing that i will doubt but never losing his patience. 
I feel blessed to have him by my side
Do something different this week…and tell me about it

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