Being impatient…

I am very far from home and longing to come back. Last night i watch all over again Katie Kendrick awesome videos about collage and painting and i’m rather impatient to be in my studio. I love her way of teaching and sharing. I have to overcome the nagging fear of not being capable then, last night i was surfing and come accross Lynn Whipple blog. I knew her work already but haven’t seen her tutorials videos nor her 100 bad paintings as she call them. There’s the 8 steps video which is not only fun but inspiring where she acurately describes the process of creating with all our doubts, fears, wanting to gave up blabla but in the end we just have to keep on trying because creating is what makes us feeling whole.
We practice and practice and sometimes it seems that everything flows and then again we feel stuck. It’s really an ongoing process, to know that it happens with all of us who have this need to create feels reassuring and comforting.
I think she called it step 4 where she highly advise us to show our art to someone we trust, who will not turns us down again my fan number one being my beloved husband and i know that he is always there for me to listen, to encourage, to motivate, to lighten up, to laugh… I miss him deeply, hopefully as we say in portuguese “Se Deus quiser”(if God allows it) tomorrow i’ll be next to him.
Have a good sunday

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