My Shanghai

I have read quite a few books about Shanghai…and my imagination flew to those flamboyant and cosmopolite days back in the 19th century so it turned out a huge disapointment to see that most of the olds districts had just been erased but i guess to an arquitect is the place to be! The soul and the taste of Shanghai where the beauty of the women were known throughout the world along with huge parties does not long exist…now what prevails is well …is not something that i like that much! So whenever i go to Shanghai i run to the fabric market where about anything can be made out in 24h and then my steps lead me to Dongtai market if you are into “old” things” then to Xitiandi with is good and fancy restaurants. Unfortunately, comunication is quite ackward because is rare to find a chinese who speaks english so when you are lost, which will happen sooner or later is best if you have anticipated with the names written in chinese otherwise it turn out a living nightmare! Trust my experience…

Have a good week end
Be bold
Be inspired
Be intuitive
Love yourself

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  1. dear alex,
    always enjoyed reading your posts and how you express things i feel but not there to be bold enough to express them…but you give me hope…you are so right in letting go and to be bold…thoughts that have pre-occupied my soul for awhile. baby step my friend…so 2012 will be the year of boldness…happy new year to you and yours!!!

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