It took me a while to integrate the feeling of GRATITUDE. My life as yours without doubt is not easy, more than often we just want to quit and run away but we don’t…Day after day the wheel changes for the best i believe because our experience and our wisdom grows. I am a better person today than i was yesterday. I am more compassionate, tolerant, open minded than i was last year. Today I LOVE MYSELF with all my demons and flaws. I could have choose the path of bitterness or anger because being grateful for what we have instead of what we think we should have is definitely not an easy one!
 I know what is to love and being loved.
I know how to give and receive
I know when to listen and when to speak
I know that i know nothing…used to said Jean Gabin
because despite my wanting some people will love me others don’t
some will stay with me forever others only for a dinner but i feel grateful to be able to connect…
I wish you an open heart for 2012
I wish you to dance and laugh
I wish you to hug and make love
I wish you to embrace LIFE
Be inspired
Be creative
Be bold

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