Nina s Class….she is such a beautiful artist inside in and out. I simply love her work, her style, her humor and her authenticity. i am blessed we all are to attend her classes and gosh she is so fun………
and Misty Mawn…also so delicate, seems so fragile and yet so strong.I love her work too, such a talent I am a big fan, her portraits always touch me in a deepest way. Her class was very, very challenging for me but I definetely enjoyed it and will have more in the future

It s time to say goodbye to ARTFEST 2009 , difficult as normal life has already catch me up but I just have to close my eyes and there I am again in the morning waiting for breakfast lingering buy the beach admiring the amazing vue sharing with Amanda(up at 6am as me) our dreams our goals and then the excitement before the class, seeing again Nina and her extraordinary charisma that reminds me so much of my own mom and then sharing again with my roommates Michelle, Nikki and Cherryl sipping that good wine and those margaritas giggling having FUN………..AND THEN…………ok there will be more next year if God allows it.
In the meantime, enjoy create…….HAVE FUN

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  1. Hola! Oooh, just found your blog. I love what you’ve been getting up to! Just a pity my spanish is no good. I will have to get a translator off the web!

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