Life is not a destination but a journey…

How appropriate it seems…it’s 8pm in Miami and 1 am in Lisbon…I don t know for how long I don’t sleep lost track of it feeling a bit lost… Last week a lady from an health center told me rather indignate “how come you ve got 2 passport one french and another portuguese? that’s not normal you should have one! Well that’s not an option for me as my mother is french and my father is portuguese. I was born in Lisbon and went to a french school all my life and am used for a long time now to read in english and I do enjoy it (big fan of Barnes and Nobles)

My first draft will always be in french and I do work in a french company but on the other hand as I live in Lisbon I was told to write my blog in portuguese which maked sense at the time but why not choosing english so everyone will understand? and most of it I’ll be happy…I am feeling a little confused at the moment, trying to figure out the blog, how and when to post, how to take good pictures, how to insert flickr? and there s facebook now……….@£€‰!!!!!!!! Time it seems is always running away from me how create, work, sharing with friends and family?How conciliate everything without hurting anyones feelings and not beeing self centered?  Always new goals which is good but there s this very good friend who happens to be an astrologist who told I was too rational had to let go ” go with the flow” that was something that deeply annoyed me as I saw myself as an intuitive person  but something within me was touched so..working on it thoughts become true right?

Life is not a destination but a journey how very true but how complicated to achieve

So after my errands thoughts let me write about my mother’s cigar box. She absolutely loved it (no Jo she didn’t cry…but was deeply moved)
What to offer when one has everything? I took Nina Bagley’s class in Artfest and thought it would make a perfect gift for my beautiful and so much loved mom
A treasure box with little reminders of her world; a tiny bottle with curry inside, shells from Portugal she so much loves, a mini album with all her world from parents to friends …another   with her beloved cats,  a receipt with my grandmother handwriting and so on….

Ok now I’m in Miami let’s check out outside if there Horatio from CSI hanging out…watch out here I come!!!

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  1. So to make everyone happy, write the first word in Portuguese, the second in French, and the third in English, and then continue in this way. We will all be challenged to learn new languages. 🙂

  2. I was looking at my high school yearbook the other day and noticed something a friend had written: If you are true to yourself, you’ll be true to all your true friends.

    Just be true to yourself Alex!

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