Supply List Open Lesson

Please download the, “What I Have Found,” pdf here.

Originals + inkjet photos both black and white + color
White fabrics think old clothes that you don’t use anymore Vintage papers like dictionary pages, stamps, ledger papers… Watercolor papers
A spray bottle with half vinegar + half water
Xi acto
A mat
A pen + a ruler +a compass
DMC Thread / sewing machine thread
Wax thread
A scissor
A bone folder
Rusty flat objects for the rusty process
Black Beans
A wood spoon
A container
Acetate paper
Adhesive spray

Double side tape
Masking tape
Glue stick
Matte Gel medium I use Liquitex Strong glue as Loctite
A stapler
A mini dater (optional)
Small brush
A cardboard
Tim Holtz
Ice resin look in the craft store near to your house also
Baby wipes
A scale
A lighter
Rusty wire I have several gauges and buy it online
Powder+ small tin boxes
Organic elements like a dry rose
Sewing machine
Several harbookcovers
Spines from old books
Out of the box objects like rulers,old clock, lockers, rusty keys… 2 awls

What I have found here is the pdf to print in watercolor paper, acetate, plain paper…