I have been working…

 Hello everyone! I have been working quietly in my studio.First step of my” gousset” watches before applying the resin. I am very excited to have found out in Canton, China a huge market dedicated to pearls and jewelry. I mean 7 floors ( yes, i did them all….) with inumerous little shops with a wide variety of beads from white to turquoise to deep purple!
I was frantic! It took me the all morning then i went to another huge market dedicated to bags…I was in heaven …and there are huge market for shoes only then one for underwear then another for……whatever you want. Fortunately you can only pay in cash which considerably reduce your craziness but still i had most fun.

Have a good week end.
I am flying to Tokyo tomorrow via Seoul and my night prayers are with those who lost everything. I cannot imagine the anguish and the pain of the families. 
Wish you all the very best

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