Create your own agenda

I do love my agenda though is not a small one i take it everywhere with me! Why don’t you create your own? Add the photos of your beloved ones along with specials postcards, plenty of vintage papers, where you can  write never ending list of your goals, projects, secret desires. 
My agenda pretty much defines me, it’s handmade original and unique. In this world of globalization it is good in my point of view to resist and follow our own path.

What are your passions? (quote minimum 10)
What makes you unique?
What do you bring to the world? 

Are you happy with your life?
Do you like yourself?
I know i have been questioning a lot lately, must ask my astrologers pals what is this all about! But i like it to challenge myself and specially to have goals.

What is there for you?
Do you live life to the fullest?
My secret desire would be to sleep 3 to 4h taking a magic pill that would give me a lot of energy to carry on with day to day life without being tired!

Yet with the years passing by i realize that i have already a lot of energy and that my creativity is blossoming.
   Do you take care of yourself?
 Some friends will say it’s easy for you because you are childless….blabla blabla. I used to have my own excuses, the jet lag, being away for  more than 15 days in the month. I have learned to define my goals. My husband 9 years ago didn’t even know where was the supermarket and cooked basically two sunny side up eggs! Now, he’s the one filling up the fridge and mostly the cooking. It wasn’t easy “to trust” him at first, i mean i know every corner of my favorite supermarket and don’t come home missing the eggs or the bread! Then i am maniac had to let go on how everything was arrange into the fridge! Major issues…but i stick to it as my therapist tell me to and can say that i like the results.
Yesterday, i was with a longtime friend, mother of three children, who was telling me how she was worried seeing so many of her friends more and more depressed.
What is it with this world nowadays that effectively more and more people lost track of their lives? France is in europe where people take more prozac. Why? What can be done? The information as never been so widely covered and yet people are falling into depression. 
What is missing in their lives that provoke such pain?

Sunday another Craft and design always happy to meet crafters friends and spending a day in a open garden.
Have fun

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