I am happy…

 Those were definitely happy times, no worries at all, everything was cool and easy. I’m doing a diet for two months now, so far so good! It’s the easiest i’ve done till now but still…there are times like now for example where i could eat 2 tablets of chocolates plus biscuits plus pasta at pestou plus….okay! you’ve getting the point i’m not starving because i can eat whatever proteins i want but is there something better than waking up in the morning preparing a large bowl of hot coffee and french baguette with plenty of butter and marmelade? My mental is swirling again so i’m rushing to the kitchen to eat my low fat iogurt with plenty of sweetener. 
Today is one of those difficults days when i just want to be in bed for the whole day, savouring an old romantic movie with a chocolate coffee vanilla ice cream…
Instead i’m going to eat my hamburger with my sunny side up egg, which is not so bad!
Step by step, one day after another with patience . My new mantra starting today ” my life is easy and smooth, each day is getting better” What do you think? My mother is studying astrology and told me that  i have Saturn apparently in an ackward position where it meant” life is difficult, i have to struggle….bla bla bla……” Stop i will stop, starting today, at least i will try as it’s becoming with ageing “less fun” to fight endlessly.

As we say in french “suite aux prochains episodes” step by step i will succeed in being more relaxed, less stressed…and most of all in being more patient with my husband.
i’ll tell you all about it. Have a good  and a happy week-end.

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