I’m truly blessed… to be a part of this exciting idea of Marcela, owner of PROFUNDO INFINITO a design/coffee shop downtown Lisbon. Principe Real is truly the place to be! I’am surrounded by antiques and vintage shops, by criativity imagination and beautiful things.

Marcela invited me in what seems at first, for me a shy person, a crazy idea but…WHY NOT?
So we embarked in this december project where she invited me and another jeweler artist to bring along our studio in her shop and just…work all day long.
I’m truly delighted as people pop in and are so enchanted by the concept and off we talk….and talk exchanging ideas, experiences and laughing a lot.
Marcela has definitely the most esquisite and original shop in Lisbon, i’am very proud that she has chosen me! She’s a graphic designer, lived in Germany for a couple of years and is very open mind. Thank you Marcela for giving us the oportunities to share our work, as artist to the world.

Let go…I was reluctant at first, my mental is always there trying to control everything but has you know I’m now more and more determined to LET GO, and though is yet a struggle and a challenge I won’t let myself submerge by mental’s fear and I truly are enjoying the experience of being seen and talk to. 
Quando fui apresentar os meus trabalhos a Marcela, dona da loja FABRICO INFINITO nunca poderia ter sonhado fazer parte deste projecto que ela idealizou e que esta a concretizar! Juntar artistas na sua loja, montando um mini atelier e deixando-nos trabalhar. Foi tudo muito rápido, segui a minha intuição e…estou a adorar a experiencia. Apareçam!

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  1. C'est vraiment joli, l'ensemble de ton travail va parfaitement avec le style de la boutique. C'est "l'artiste dans la vitrine" à ne pas confaondrre avec la fille dans la vitrine…

    C'est vraiment chouette et Marcela a eu très bon goût dans sa boutique et en te choisissant comme artiste.
    Je suis certzaine que tu vas faire "un malheur" comme ondit chez nous


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