Create your notebook

I have once in a while to rearrange my own filofax, keeping some scrap papers thowing others. Well not exactling throwing keeping them aside in my overfilled studios as a friend was telling me last night! How can you work with so much stuff around? That’s my point everything really depends on your vision of your world as i feel that i don’t have much material comparing to my heart friends in the US and of course it applies for everything in Life. Some will see the bright side others the dark side no matter what they have. My studio feels comforting, reassuring, cosy but for her as she suffers from asthma it’s to much papers, tissues, hair cat…as for me i crave for more! Creating my handmade journal is always something very relaxing and a way of knowing what i have been doing last year. As i rewrite in new papers what were my goals, my sales, what i create, what courses i had etc… and what i would like for the year to come it’s a way of …

drawers are opening

I am in a good shape well maybe not yesterday as i drink too many caipirinhas! That’s the thing with this brazilian drink once you begin it’s quite difficult to stop… but i did  enjoy myself and dance with my husband and a dear friend which was great! I was saying that i have recover from the endless flights and have plenty of new items in my atelier, drawers are definitely opening for me. I am back with ideas, projects…. and am planning to have my own site . Come this week-end to jardim da estrela, Craft and Design market with a jazz concert at 17h and plenty of beautiful handmade art. Have fun xo