On friendship

I had this wonderful lunch with two inspired friends… It seems that i know them for ages which is certainly the case if you believe in multiple lives as I do. We were eager to know more about each others creativity and world. Just happy to be together a sheer moment of pleasure… Friendship is rare to find and when it ends it tears you apart like a love relationship, sometimes even more. I had my share of disappointments and disillutions as we all have and it hurts like hell! Sometimes, i even put my pride aside and give it another shot but it’s useless something broken will remain broken!My mom tells me that a friendship that ends was never one in the first place, how wise. I do hope that my heart friends will stay forever in my life. Have a good week end Heading to snowy Paris then New york. Youpiiii Barnes and Noble here i come… xo

On trust

a I was just telling a friend that whatever i tell to others is always “the mirror effect” that means it can applied to me. This week-end was a huge step for me as I let my husband run the fair and just popped in around 2pm, letting  him decorate and sell my craft  in his own way. I am proud of me because trying to control everything means that i fail to trust Life.  I trust him and the results were awesome being Luis an excellent seller. I used to say he can sell machine guns to nuns if he’s in the mood! Another step on my ongoing therapy process and one that will bring me utter happiness. Have a good week I feel good the jet lag stayed in Shanghai…  xo