On self esteem

 The school is about to begin…time to go back to my studio again. I had a whole and full summer with plenty of emotions(not all positive…) but that’s part of the bargain. We know there’s a path but are we on the good one? When we feel whole i guess it means something is working for us. I could say that my inner voice tells me to withdraw, to settle a little, to look inside myself and start working again on my self esteem.  What about you? In a scale one to one hundred where do you place your self esteem? When i m working and starting new projects i feel always very enthusiastic then i doubt…am i repeating myself? What do i want to say? How can i be more creative? bla bla…  on and on which is very confusing for those around me who look at my art  and really appreciate it. But then again are they just being nice? So the solution always comes from within because somewhere in the road i got lost again and i …

Valentine’s day

Did you have an Happy Valentine’s day?  Did you dance and look yourselves in the eyes thinking that i’m truly blessed? I deeply love this man I deeply love this woman Why?  What makes you love one another? What makes you stay together all over the years? …… TO LOVE AND BE LOVED xo