On pleasure

This album brings back excellent memories since it was started at Artfest 2009. I am rearranging all my photos, classifying and organizing and of course i can see the path that i made in these 2 years.  I remember the pleasure and desinvolture i had, so it’s time to get back in track as i like to say. At the beguining it was only for fun now as people are getting more found of my work it do not want the comercial side to take over. It’s not that easy to accomplish will I sell this album? Is it overpriced? I hear a thousand advices you should do this and that…..But in the end it’s all about pleasure and feeling whole at least it is for me and i want it to remain like that otherwise it will become more and more stressful. The power of money and greed are fast to arrive….my ego as well! This album was made out of love since I offered it to my husband and as his own place in our living room. My …

Wondering….will you be there

I am completely addict to photoshop…love it! There are so many things one can do so i have been playing hope you like it… On my way to Paris i have seen again this extraordinary french film “les petits mouchoirs”de Guillaume Canet and again i was deeply touched. French movie makers from Claude Sautet to Truffaut have this special way  in transcending our ordinary lives and make it something unique and worthwhile. Do you remember “les choses de la vie” with Romy Schneider and Yves Montand? This new film from Guillaume Canet is the portrait of a couple of childhood friends  who despite one of their best friends being in the hospital still go on vacations… After all he is in coma what difference could it make so they all decide that’s there’s no point in being present just standing next to him  and off they go  to the bassin d’arcachon(beautiful surf spot). Every character lying to the the others, their egotism coming out, concentrating on their own problems… A superb movie,one that makes you wonder “am i like that …

On love

 I am practicing photoshop as you can see and it’s incredible what you can do and undo with a photo. I am still barely walking but i am enjoying the ride…endless possibilities so cool! I love this young couple were they happy did they love each other or did they have to married against their will? I want to believe that they were deeply in love, ahead of their time free spirits maybe artists? Living a life of bohême somewhere in San Francisco, knowing that they were lucky to have one another….  I was speaking with a friend who is facing major issues at the moment in her marriage. I will quote the art of happiness from the Dalai Lama “…a relationship is also a dynamic living system, composed of two organisms interacting in a living environment, it is equally natural and right that the relationship go through stages. In any relationship, there are different dimensions of closeness, physical, emotional, and intellectual. Bodily contact, sharing emotions, thoughts, and exchanging ideas are all legitimate ways of connecting with those we love. …

Thank you

This week end was a blessed one, i had another Craft and design market, the weather was perfect, the public awesome. I met this french grandma who married a portuguese like my mom from the same city, Vila Nova de Famalicao, how peculiar! I met  this  young mom of two who had a flush of emotion when opening my scrapbook albums, she had tears popping in! How cool… Plenty of friends and friends of friends come along… I feel truly blessed.  Last week i had all this exams that we woman definitely have to take past 40 mostly due to a pain in my right breast, so there’s no need to tell you that i was scare while waiting for the results. Everything is ok but it made me realize that i could have been the other way round. How do yo react when you are ill? Do you keep it to yourself and fight alone the disease? or do you share it? I am a very private person when dealing with my intimacy and it cross my mind that if …

drawers are opening

I am in a good shape well maybe not yesterday as i drink too many caipirinhas! That’s the thing with this brazilian drink once you begin it’s quite difficult to stop… but i did  enjoy myself and dance with my husband and a dear friend which was great! I was saying that i have recover from the endless flights and have plenty of new items in my atelier, drawers are definitely opening for me. I am back with ideas, projects…. and am planning to have my own site . Come this week-end to jardim da estrela, Craft and Design market with a jazz concert at 17h and plenty of beautiful handmade art. Have fun xo

What are your strengths?

Do you know what are your strengths? or like most of us you are trying to improve your weaknesses? I have just discovered this excellent book “strengths finder 2.0” by Tom Rath where he explains just that. How in the occidental and even in the oriental world our education is based on improving our weaknesses, how the enterprises nowadays run endless workshops on “how to improve yourself” in areas where we lack talent! Some of the attendees will have success because of their natural talents with or without workshops but most of us will strive for it. So this book relates to our natural talents, there’s this online test in the language of your choice and the result  is in english about 2mn later or within weeks by mail in your own language. Natural talents i kept repeating it because though i sense it by now (i m more than 40 remember!) i wouldn’t have told you they are talents! They are 34 themes that the Gallup organization have come out with and they verified over and over that people have …

Christmas presents

This is for you  Feira “Craft and Design” 4/5 and 11/12 december   jardim da estrela Come and enjoy          Looking back L’avenir Dream big

Dia dos namorados

Olà a todos Já estamos a 9 de fevereiro… o tempo voa não parei desde janeiro, o blog tem tido férias antecipadas! Criei o meu workshop das casinhas, tive que configurar o meu novo computador…um Mac youpiii!!!!trabalhar também, que é preciso… Vem ai o dia dos namorados, aproveito para lhes mostrar um scrap que realizei para o meu marido. Quando estou no meu atelier, ouvindo música jazz no transistor dos anos 40(no mínimo…), criando um albúm para alguém muito especial… posso dizer que estou em paz. Senti a falta durante muitos anos pela minha profissão(hospedeira) de não ter dias certos para me inscrever num curso de arte e graças ao scrapbooking posso agora criar ao meu ritmo, o que é inestimável. O lado positivo de estar muito tempo fora de portugal é ter a oportunidade de poder participar em workshops que ainda não existem em portugal com artistas fantásticas, como art and soul e artfest ENJOY…BE HAPPY CREATE LIFE IS SHORT…

sweet memories

Foi um dos primeiros livros de scrap que realizei. Simples, com alguns dos meus tecidos azuis preferidos………e claro a minha garrafa fetiche O meu marido Luis adora escrever-me “des mots doux” que eu gardo religiosamente e que utilizo bastante nos meus trabalhos Esta foto foi tirada com o meu cão Pimba, pastor alemão lindo criado pela guarda nacional republicana,”cantava”, dormia no meu quarto, partilhavá-mos as bolachas maria as escondidas, quando o meu irmão Stephane lhe puxava os pêlos(de 5 em 5 mn!) foi sempre meigo nunca rosnou Pode-se dizer que o meu pai conseguiu captar os meus primeiros passos…é uma das minhas fotos preferidas de bébé. Estou numa fase de transição, tenho que saber utilisar o meu novo laptop mac book que é bastante mais fácil de manejo do que o pc, mas mesmo assim há muita coisa nova para integrar. Sei que estão todos ansiosos para realisar o meu workshop…está quase! Be happy enjoy create……..life is short

Mail art ……….

Porque não personalizar os nossos postais? Embora utilize bastante os mails para comunicar com os meus amigos, gosto de lhes enviar de vez em quando cartas feitas por mim e sabe tão bem receber outra coisa no correio do que contas para pagar…! Be Happy Create Enjoy…Life is short