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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year Find time to create it s a challenge in my day to day life seems there are always more important stuff to accomplish! Notice that I have those crazy thoughts “I need to be there for the others” if I take time for me it s selfish(you should be available, present blabla….for the other) so my goal for 2016 is simply to Love myself a little more… What s yours? xo xo

Being in Love…

If I could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everydayto the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my cheek,the touch of your fingers on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine…Knowing that I could never find that feelingwith anyone other than you. Hope you like my new album! Dedicated to the lovers of the world… Those who’ve just fall in love and others like myself who are married with a prince for a couple of years Xo

On friendship

I had this wonderful lunch with two inspired friends… It seems that i know them for ages which is certainly the case if you believe in multiple lives as I do. We were eager to know more about each others creativity and world. Just happy to be together a sheer moment of pleasure… Friendship is rare to find and when it ends it tears you apart like a love relationship, sometimes even more. I had my share of disappointments and disillutions as we all have and it hurts like hell! Sometimes, i even put my pride aside and give it another shot but it’s useless something broken will remain broken!My mom tells me that a friendship that ends was never one in the first place, how wise. I do hope that my heart friends will stay forever in my life. Have a good week end Heading to snowy Paris then New york. Youpiiii Barnes and Noble here i come… xo

Obrigado… Merci…Thank you

 My stock is becoming thinner! THANK YOU for your trust, confidence and…good taste! Just arrived yesterday from Bangkok pretty exausted as always and was talking with one of my colleagues who ask me if i had bought gifts for christmas in the “mecque” of shopping! Well no i replied because i create what i offer so they are heart gifts! I sense that my clients recognize that, my art being one very emotional and personal which maybe explains the major success we’re having despite the crisis here in Portugal. THANK YOU MERCI OBRIGADO GRACIAS GRAZIE DANKE… Have a nice week Remember to laugh, dance, smile, hug

My little Big Brother…1975

Bonne Anniversaire Schounard!  36 years time flies indeed…3 years ago i offer him this album with all my heart. My little Big Brother as accomplish a lot already in his Life. He knows what he wants and go for it! He’s not only talented but disciplined, self centered, determined, courageous sensitive intuitive…Maybe a little overprotective towards me! Definitely is a winner and it feels good to have his energy around ! I wish i could be like him when i grow up…. I deeply admired him. When we were little, the first thing Stephane used to do when arriving home was call after me, Tenda where are you? He followed me everywhere imitating me and…i was not very kind to him! I’m 6 years older! Even nowadays sometimes i still argue with him but i know that we deeply loved each other and that we are there for one another always and forever. Je suis fière de t’avoir comme frère Je t’aime Parabens schounard

Create your notebook

I have once in a while to rearrange my own filofax, keeping some scrap papers thowing others. Well not exactling throwing keeping them aside in my overfilled studios as a friend was telling me last night! How can you work with so much stuff around? That’s my point everything really depends on your vision of your world as i feel that i don’t have much material comparing to my heart friends in the US and of course it applies for everything in Life. Some will see the bright side others the dark side no matter what they have. My studio feels comforting, reassuring, cosy but for her as she suffers from asthma it’s to much papers, tissues, hair cat…as for me i crave for more! Creating my handmade journal is always something very relaxing and a way of knowing what i have been doing last year. As i rewrite in new papers what were my goals, my sales, what i create, what courses i had etc… and what i would like for the year to come it’s a way of …

On struggling

Hope you had a nice week end? Mine was unsettling…I am doing Katie’s Kendrick online class on mixed media which is absolutely great but very unfamiliar for me. One of her students share on our yahoo group that she feels scared to just let go which was odd because it was just plain paper. I do feel exactly the same way it’s only watercolour paper not that expensive and that’s part of the deal we have to make mistakes! I have this crazy idea that painting is not for everyone so of course I struggle but I do enjoy the journey. My faces look like an alien not friendly at all so i will not post them for now. I keep remember one of my dearest friend who is now more than eighties who started painting when she retired at the age of 65 who wanted to give up at every single class she attend but she didn’t and I kept reminding her advice, step after step you will make progresses. I am definitely out of my comfort zone but …

About love

In the end it is always what prevails… The love for a man The love for our children The love for our parents The love for our friends and one that we tend to forget The love for OURSELVES My deepest wish is to grow old with my man. Know every wrinkle of his face Know every scar inside in and out Know what makes him cry Know what make him laugh To look back and be proud of what we have accomplished together. The road is not an easy one, every couple experiences up and downs but i believe that LOVE transcends it all. Love is what moves the world Love is what we all seek and fortunately GOD blesses everyone at any given time. Be blessed  Have a good week end XO


I have been in Paris for 4 days  heading to Rio de Janeiro tonight both are extraordinary cities but still I miss my husband. I miss his smile, his touch, his kisses, his tenderness and passion …after 9 years of marriage i should be more independent but i am not and don’t plan to be. All my female friends are the same i guess it runs on our genes then for the fortunates ones came the unconditional love for their children but i acknowledge everyday how women’s life are bound to their man. A friend was telling me that she should be more assertive, that she should have more rules…which i replied that a woman in love function with her heart not her mental. Nothing prevails the emotion of being connected, being united, feeling whole. I will drink a caipirinha to love Have a good week end xo

Treasure heart album

 Just finished my Secret album that i am very found of. Don’t know for you but my last work is always my favorite…till the next one. I am preparing my Etsy Shop trying to understand how it works and am receiving everyday their newsletter which is quite interesting. They are very structured and helpful.   Questions they suggested us to answer: Why are you doing what you do? Why do you pursue it? Why do you think you can succeed? What do you want to be known for, talked about?…Now is your turn to do the homeworks!  I am “dating” Etsy shop for over a year now but haven’t sense is the right time yet to plunge, maybe because i’m afraid of the extra work and how will i manage it all? But as time passes by i’m getting more and more excited with the whole idea… they are very challenging which i love I realized that i value family above all things, within our family we are deeply loved, encouraged and stimulated and my treasure hearts albums are just that …