Valentine’s day

Did you have an Happy Valentine’s day?  Did you dance and look yourselves in the eyes thinking that i’m truly blessed? I deeply love this man I deeply love this woman Why?  What makes you love one another? What makes you stay together all over the years? …… TO LOVE AND BE LOVED xo

Questo mi piace…

I completely fell in love with Rome…Like Venezia it’s a magical city where beauty lies in every corner, every fountain, every church… San Pietro Coloseo Circus Massimo appia Antica via del Condotti Palazzo Farnese … gelati tiramisu ristretto con panna montata… and the sales are awesome! Hopefully i will return…i did send two cents at Trevi Fontain, one for a special wish and the other one to come back…let’s see if the tradition is right? Have a good week-end Grazie tanto mille