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Feeling grateful

Feeling grateful that this album is sold Feeling grateful that my creativity is recognized Feeling grateful to be able to create Feeling grateful to have a studio where i can create Feeling grateful for all the support i have Universe is friendly xo

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Men of honour

 Hello world…I have been very quiet in the the net these last months. I traveled to India to Easter islands and those trips were quite remarquable and fulfilling. I needed time out of the studio recharging the batteries searching questioning myself…a lot! What it is that i create? What is the purpose? One of my clients told me recently that my art comes from the heart and it makes him feel connected with his beloved when he offered her one of my albums. It was an unique and special gift one that she will remembered and treasured. I felt quite empowered. How priceless is that for an artist? Tears come to my eyes and…THANK YOU was my answer.  THANK YOU for the trust THANK YOU for the feedback THANK YOU for the connection HAVE FUN ENJOY XOXOXO

CRAFT AND DESIGN Christmas 2010

Perfect day no clouds spring temperature lovely time spent in jardim da Estrela along with my husband, mother and special friend Alex. Last week was another story with cold and rainy weather but still the public showed up, christmas is at the door! I must say that i am running out of spoons which is cool because i loved them and am happy that people find the idea amusing and fashionable. I was blessed last saturday with the meeting of an old (we have known each other since kindergarden) and dear friend that i haven’t seen for quite a while, can’t remember why life as set us apart, probably just that… Life! Last time she was single and now she is married with two beautiful sons, i met only the youngest who looks so much like her. That’s the kind of gift I receive with profound gratitude, can’t wait to be with her again. We are born on the 4th of august in Lisbon in 1969 same hospital! How cool is that? We used to have the same bad temper…i …