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Feeling grateful

Feeling grateful that this album is sold Feeling grateful that my creativity is recognized Feeling grateful to be able to create Feeling grateful to have a studio where i can create Feeling grateful for all the support i have Universe is friendly xo

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Men of honour

 Hello world…I have been very quiet in the the net these last months. I traveled to India to Easter islands and those trips were quite remarquable and fulfilling. I needed time out of the studio recharging the batteries searching questioning myself…a lot! What it is that i create? What is the purpose? One of my clients told me recently that my art comes from the heart and it makes him feel connected with his beloved when he offered her one of my albums. It was an unique and special gift one that she will remembered and treasured. I felt quite empowered. How priceless is that for an artist? Tears come to my eyes and…THANK YOU was my answer.  THANK YOU for the trust THANK YOU for the feedback THANK YOU for the connection HAVE FUN ENJOY XOXOXO

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Momento Mágico…

Recebi este mail lindo e queria partihar. (Sorry for those who don’t speak portuguese, received this magic mail from a client and was touched to tears. Beautiful written…someone with a true soul) Olá Alexandra!Conheci o seu trabalho há uns dois anos através do seu marido.Explico-lhe como se passou:Era Dezembro e fazia frio. Andava a divagar pelo Chiado aquele sitio que nao esquecemos pela luz e vida incrível, aquele lugar que nos trás algumas lembranças e memórias de infância, aquele Chiado que está sempre diferente a cada momento, que nos transporta para fora de nós e nos faz sentir livres por sermos quem somos.Andava a divagar depois de uma fim de semana romântico em que celebrávamos,como sempre, os anos do S, deambulava pelas ruas olhando para tudo e para nada.Mas de repente parei porque nao consegui andar mais.Parei numa pequena banca com coisas lindas, cheias de história e histórias. Fiquei vidrada.Reparei que pertencia a um Homem com ar distinto e afável e por isso perguntei:“É o senhor que faz?”Ao que me respondeu com um sorriso eterno nos olhos: “Nao, é a minha …

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A woman in love

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A gift from the heart

What to offer for christmas? I like to offer something special that was made out of love and tenderness… My husband loved it! He’s always a big fan of my work..inside i add his father watch, love letters that we usually send to each other, a small bible, earth from sacred Machu Picchu… Heading to the north of Portugal as i have been invited to present my work to a talk show “praça de alegria”so very enthusiastic about it… Will tell you more afterwards. Have a good week Be blessed xo

Obrigado… Merci…Thank you

 My stock is becoming thinner! THANK YOU for your trust, confidence and…good taste! Just arrived yesterday from Bangkok pretty exausted as always and was talking with one of my colleagues who ask me if i had bought gifts for christmas in the “mecque” of shopping! Well no i replied because i create what i offer so they are heart gifts! I sense that my clients recognize that, my art being one very emotional and personal which maybe explains the major success we’re having despite the crisis here in Portugal. THANK YOU MERCI OBRIGADO GRACIAS GRAZIE DANKE… Have a nice week Remember to laugh, dance, smile, hug

Yes I can

Love my new spoons…there are more in my studio but the weather was cloudy this morning and i had to rush to take my flight…who is more than 3 hours delayed but still i will manage to arrive in Paris tonight  Tomorrow heading to one of the few towns where i would love to live for a year…you name it New York but then Shanghai appeals to me and Rio de Janeiro as well. Different energy different people but i love to mingled and wouldn’t mind settle for a while and discover the “real”town not the tourist one. If i had to pick one then it would be Port Towsend. There’s the amazing mountains views, the beaches, the art galleries, the fabulous mixed-media workshops, Artfest, Artifiberfest, the fisherman’s all this in a small wonderful little town. No crowded plenty of fresh air   2010 is ending 2011 new resolutions GROW LOVE GIVE CREATE RECEIVE FORGIVE LEARN BELIEVE BE HAPPY ACCEPT UNDERSTAND EXERCISE MEDITATE DANCE LAUGH COMUNICATE ACHIEVE LISTEN 2011 wishes Be inspired Create Visit Rome Learn how to take good …

Christmas presents

This is for you  Feira “Craft and Design” 4/5 and 11/12 december   jardim da estrela Come and enjoy          Looking back L’avenir Dream big