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Men of honour

 Hello world…I have been very quiet in the the net these last months. I traveled to India to Easter islands and those trips were quite remarquable and fulfilling. I needed time out of the studio recharging the batteries searching questioning myself…a lot! What it is that i create? What is the purpose? One of my clients told me recently that my art comes from the heart and it makes him feel connected with his beloved when he offered her one of my albums. It was an unique and special gift one that she will remembered and treasured. I felt quite empowered. How priceless is that for an artist? Tears come to my eyes and…THANK YOU was my answer.  THANK YOU for the trust THANK YOU for the feedback THANK YOU for the connection HAVE FUN ENJOY XOXOXO

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Momento Mágico…

Recebi este mail lindo e queria partihar. (Sorry for those who don’t speak portuguese, received this magic mail from a client and was touched to tears. Beautiful written…someone with a true soul) Olá Alexandra!Conheci o seu trabalho há uns dois anos através do seu marido.Explico-lhe como se passou:Era Dezembro e fazia frio. Andava a divagar pelo Chiado aquele sitio que nao esquecemos pela luz e vida incrível, aquele lugar que nos trás algumas lembranças e memórias de infância, aquele Chiado que está sempre diferente a cada momento, que nos transporta para fora de nós e nos faz sentir livres por sermos quem somos.Andava a divagar depois de uma fim de semana romântico em que celebrávamos,como sempre, os anos do S, deambulava pelas ruas olhando para tudo e para nada.Mas de repente parei porque nao consegui andar mais.Parei numa pequena banca com coisas lindas, cheias de história e histórias. Fiquei vidrada.Reparei que pertencia a um Homem com ar distinto e afável e por isso perguntei:“É o senhor que faz?”Ao que me respondeu com um sorriso eterno nos olhos: “Nao, é a minha …

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A woman in love

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Make a wish…

I love the idea of recycling and have been doing some visual journals for some time now. The difficult part i often hear is where to start? I came up with this idea after many requests, to put some of my stuff into the journals and then the buyer will continue and make it her/his own. I forgot to take the pictures of those i already sold but i still have one left for the moment so here it goes!  The goal of the journal is to have fun! Feel free to scribble, draw, paint, glue, cut, write….unlimited list. I love the idea of a magic journal where one can write down and collage our dreams and projects and feel confident that it will happen in the future. I wish i have a… I wish i am… I wish i can… BE INSPIRED HAVE FUN MAKE A WISH BE HAPPY BE BLESSED XO

On trust…

I haven’t blog for a while…which is not a good thing say the experts! One must write a page at least once a week…I am not a professional blogger and won’t become one because the web world is not what thrives me…so the issue here is accepting the fact that maybe my blog will not be highly ranked on google. My inner voice keep whispering, don’t push yourself too much things will come in an easy and smooth way, and you know what? I will do just that… cool myself and trust God that he will take me where i should be. I realize over the years that one of the most difficult things we human have to deal with is … TO JUST LET GO TO TRUST  How difficult is to trust When to act When to remain quiet How can we let go something that we want so much? How? Advices are most welcome! Have a good week Feel blessed Thank you XO

A man in Love…

My last album is most of the time my favorite one! I have sold quite a few lately which is good of course but realize that i have some trouble with it. I know that my clients will cherish and appreciate them but still…i miss those who are gone forever. I know that my fellow artists have the same feeling…A customer was telling me that what she liked about my work was that it convey a fragility and force at the same time. She loved the authenticity of my work understanding how family and being connected  was the backbone of it and yet there is still space for the unknown and my private garden, she was confinding. Wow thank you! I had wings that day, the sky seemed unlimited…I want to hold those good feelings  and thoughts Heading to Washington DC and… to Paper Source in Georgetown. Have a good week Enjoy Have fun Open up XO

Being in Love…

If I could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everydayto the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my cheek,the touch of your fingers on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine…Knowing that I could never find that feelingwith anyone other than you. Hope you like my new album! Dedicated to the lovers of the world… Those who’ve just fall in love and others like myself who are married with a prince for a couple of years Xo

Happy Birthday Maman

My mom is truly a rare and unique soul.  My mom is on the giving My mom is connected with her heart My mom is always present and available for those who need help My mom is wisdom My mom is compassion My mom is authenticity My mom is generosity My mom is happiness My mom is joy My mom is energy My mom is intuition My mom is beauty My mom is an old soul My mom is my best friend My mom is the backbone of my life  I want to tell her that she’s done a great “mom job” no matter her doubts… je t aime maman

What are you needs?

I have been doing some journaling but in a random way as i’m completely out of time…can’t wait for my next holidays! Last week was one to forget as in the same day i get a fine, my husband’s three month new Mac went off and an old lady didn’t respect the stop sign and run into my car! My back is going through rough turbulences desesperately asking for a good massage… Yesterday i was caught while driving speaking on my cell…and a miracle did happen as the officer didn’t charge me. I felt at that moment that i was indeed highly protected. I need to rest I need silence I need beach sea and sun I need to come home… What are your needs? What do you wish for? Have a good week Xo