artfest 2010

I don’t know for you girls but it was an extraordinary time for me. Tiring though as from lisbon the jet lag is quite important minus 8 hours…..and as we(Margarida and I) wanted to do everything, to taste it all of course we had busy and fulfilling days. I started with this fun class of Patricia Seggebruch “encaustic wax” along with Amanda and Adie which was cool. We were in kindergarten playing, having fun exploring several techniques. Great way to start Artfest. I took 2 days with Susan Lenart Kazmer” journal resin and metal patina” who is has much talented and optimistic. 

I was so excited i skipped twice lunch……which rarely ever happens to me(i usually don t forget lunch time!!!!) she teaches us so many new techniques that i can t wait to try in my studio.  
Above is where i had my classes this year, love it love it……Amanda teaches us how to solder along with Andrea, his mom and Nikki that was so cool even if i had to get out early to crawl literally to bed!!!!! So many good memories, beeing with another 570 women in a beautiful spot surrounded by deers, birds….creating all day long, exchanging all kind of different ways to create. I’m truly blessed to be part of that and being fully integrated by my art friends.

Life has teached me by now that indeed, blessed are the ones who have a passion whatever it might be. Passion is the ultimate healer in ones life, our secret garden, our inner self.In a world of competition, of wild consuming, to be able to recycle, to stay still and create it’s  God gifts.I would love to live in a spot like Port townsend, small enough to know my neighbours, with a golf course for my husband and plenty of workshops all year round so i can improve my skills and least but not the last a beautiful wooden house with a lake view. Sounds just perfect, as Teesha suggested us to write our own fairy tale……..and who knows God listen to it!
My perfect life would be to work only 50% “in the air” just what it takes to sightseeing around the world and be in my studio everyday from 8am till 8pm and create create create……..It takes courage to live ones dream has our rigid mental stands on the way, warning us of all the bad things that would probably happened if we dare to live truly the life we want! but nevertheless i’m a positive girl and i do believe that i’m today living a more fulfilling life than i was 10 years ago when my goals seemed at the time so materialistic( buy shop buy shop…grrrrr!!!!!) so who knows?
If God allows me i will definitely be in Artfest 2011… in the meantime i’m running to my studio my neurones are in a wild speed of creativity!


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  1. I wish you would add to the collection of wonderful galleries in Port Townsend! Even more reason for me to venture over there and see what beautiful things you have created for us 😉

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