What are your strengths?

Do you know what are your strengths?
or like most of us you are trying to improve your weaknesses? I have just discovered this excellent book “strengths finder 2.0” by Tom Rath where he explains just that. How in the occidental and even in the oriental world our education is based on improving our weaknesses, how the enterprises nowadays run endless workshops on “how to improve yourself” in areas where we lack talent! Some of the attendees will have success because of their natural talents with or without workshops but most of us will strive for it. So this book relates to our natural talents, there’s this online test in the language of your choice and the result  is in english about 2mn later or within weeks by mail in your own language.
Natural talents i kept repeating it because though i sense it by now (i m more than 40 remember!) i wouldn’t have told you they are talents! They are 34 themes that the Gallup organization have come out with and they verified over and over that people have 5 major themes. Wow! My results gave me this underlying confidence which feels so good. I am a person who relates with the past, who goes into the past to resolve present and future problems, i love biographies and feel connected with old people …so true and the scrapbooking is just that going into the past to know where you want to go from there.
I am a person with empathy who feels the others and who immediately scans someone, knowing with my guts who this person is. I tend to solve problems either mechanicals or in person’s life, i am very concerned about the others and rapidly discovered the uniqueness of the ones surrounding me. I could be an excellent therapist i am …….in my own way as friends seek for advice and direction and so on…..
I couldn’t recommend you more to buy the book (as to be new so you can have the test) and feel that what you took for granted are talents and the only ones who need to master. I know now that i have to relate with someone who goes into the future, with someone whose talent is a natural salesman…see! So our goal should be improving and becoming an expert with our natural talents so simple.

Have a good week end
Sunny weather in Lisbon
Heading to New york….Barnes and Noble here i come…

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