Treasure heart album

 Just finished my Secret album that i am very found of. Don’t know for you but my last work is always my favorite…till the next one. I am preparing my Etsy Shop trying to understand how it works and am receiving everyday their newsletter which is quite interesting. They are very structured and helpful. 

 Questions they suggested us to answer:
Why are you doing what you do?
Why do you pursue it?
Why do you think you can succeed?
What do you want to be known for, talked about?…Now is your turn to do the homeworks!

 I am “dating” Etsy shop for over a year now but haven’t sense is the right time yet to plunge, maybe because i’m afraid of the extra work and how will i manage it all? But as time passes by i’m getting more and more excited with the whole idea… they are very challenging which i love
I realized that i value family above all things, within our family we are deeply loved, encouraged and stimulated and my treasure hearts albums are just that a reminder, a totem of who we are where we come from and where we want to go. My goal when creating is enlightening our past, bringing back good memories of this special recipe made by grandmother, when opening this little box Mom’s perfume Shalimar filling the room, rereading my love letters with the same joy… having our own special and unique Life within the album and keeping it up with new photos new insights …..

Have you seen “the King’s speech”? What an extraordinary movie very authentic and touching, hope Colin Firth will receive the Oscar. He sure deserves it!
 Raining a lot, feels like a good afternoon under the wool plaid with a huge book and plenty of tea is expecting me, cool….
Have a good sunday

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