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I had a lot of questions through facebook what does your therapy consist of? Hypnose is it dangerous…..etc. So i’ll try to answer what it makes to me of course as i can’t speak for others. As far as i remember i was always a big fan of therapy. I believe that despite our parents love we still outgrow with wrong beliefs about ourselves and that’s where our troubles begin!

My main problem is, was the value or the lack of it….others are always better than myself prettier, clever, funnier…You get the pictures!
I missed  always something and grow up deeply believing that i was inadequate. I had to be more, to make more efforts as i was less…God all this wasted years, so many tears, such despair. Little did i know at that time , that our thoughts make our experiences. So i continue during years my victimisation. 
Life isnt easy
Life is a struggle
I started a therapy who produces good results then stopped and … old demons came back so i started another one…..
What i didn’t realize up to very recently is the crucial importance of one thoughts and that they are a day to day discipline.
Don’t get me wrong i’m not into this new age think positive and you’ll live in paradise! But today  i strongly believe through my experience that is very easy to fall again, our wrong thoughts take the lead and off we go…..upside down feeling miserable and victim again ( we all do…) We get what we believe. So the only solution is to change our beliefs and to achieve that is day by day being kind with ourselves, patient and LOVING. A comfortable and easy way is through auto hipnose, just insert the cd on your laptop and prepare yourself to a peaceful and creative journey of 30mn…and VISUALIZE.
It takes discipline as we seem to have always something more urgent to do but what is 30mn in a day?My 40  made me think a lot and realize that time was running fast. I still have a lot of goals, dreams, challenges…and therefore little time for victimisation.My psy ask me to bring along a journal and i decide to make my own and personalize it. It was fun, creative and…very productive. The pouch contains qualities that i attribute myself and pick one every morning. We are the ones who change our lives, we have full responsability of what is happening in our lives and before accepting that no change is possible.

 Keep your hand busy, best advise from my oldest and dearest friend Jaqueline that at the age of 80 bought a computer so she can speak with us through skype and visit online museems Wow! Quelle force, courage et joie de vivre. 


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  1. i remember reading this back when you posted it but i just wasn't "there" yet…i sooo am now, though…especially about the good vs bad thoughts and it being a daily discipline to live and believe the good ones, as i too have realized that for my whole life i thought i was not enough, inadequate, needing to be something other that who i was for people (parents, men) to truly accept and love me…strange thing is, now that several people have told me i am more like "me" than they have seen me be in 20 years, and how wonderful that is! oh, the wasted time and energy is right! but when we know better we can do better, right?? here's to continuing to learn and to become more of our true selves every day! hard work, but soooo worth it!! (i knew we were connected in more ways than we could name!)

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