On tolerance…

 Where do you come from? A simple and direct question…I come from Portugal by my father and France by my mother.I am proud of either country which i guess is certainly your case too? I witnessed a friend who is from Algeria hide it because she didn’t want to create bad vibes in a dinner! They were americans, brazilians, french citizens … all drinking caipirinhas savouring the moment. How come being a muslim is something that you have to silence? I felt in my heart all the pain, sadness, anger she carries within her, trapped and locked crying for release.

 The drawings above represent a step towards tolerance because they are inexperienced sketches. I prefer to post what i consider being my “good” work but it’s a kind of tribute to this friend, aventuring myself out of my comfort zone which are altered books. Don’t be afraid of others judgements or rejection they will always exist but be proud of who you are no matter what.
Have a good week
I will continue practicing over and over…

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  1. Bravo pour les visages que j'adore et l'article que j'apprécie. La tolérance commence avec notre famille et nos voisins les plus proches pour s'étendre au monde. Si nous ne "supportons pas" la race ou la couleur politique du voisin que ne supportons-nous pas en nous-mêmes ?

    Bravo encore et continue

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