On love

I had this red cover for ages and as you know i’m more into beige. One thing leads to another, i get to be very adaptable last week everything seemed to broke and it did! So i have a new cell phone and had to run to Mac to understand how i could use bluetooth and recover my photos. So this unsettling changes were very positive as i decided to challenge myself in my studio, trying to create new albums with different covers. I was stuck at first, as i usually create something that i would put in my home but not everyone is in the whites and beige…which is ok of course. Being adaptable is one of my motus in life has everything changes and evolves, so it is a good thing to try new paths. Hope you’ll like it!
This album is like a fairy tale, love the couple i imagined.
 This handsome man with his moustache, looking very serious is very sensitive and profound and was in advance in his own time, deeply believing that the woman he loved was his equal and they lead a very secrete and creative life. Their love was one that we all want based on trust, friendship, tenderness, respect. I had fun this week end as you can see!
“Love is the answer” Einstein

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