Old habits die hard

I had a wonderful week-end! And you? 
I went to the theatre to watch Michael Douglas in his last film “Wall street” very good. He’s still though  ageing an handsome man and one of my favorite actors along with Di caprio. A very thoughtful film about greed, money, betrayal. passion, loose and win….with a very moral and hollywood happy end that i doubt could be reality, but who cares that’s the fun of it….and i do love happy ends (don’t we all? )
We have a dear friend who’s taking some vacation from husband and her 3 kids at my mom’s for a few days and that was fun too as we had intuition and tarot session. We choose at least ten questions that we withhold and then the other answer for us without knowing what is our question so the mental is put aside and the intuition can flow. For years now i have been practicing the tarot and love it, whenever a question arises i lay out my cards and my husband who is very intuitive as join “the club”. If we don’t know what is the question then we are not influence by it and we can speak with our hearts/intuition and the results are absolutely overwhelming. Nowadays hearing our inner voice is ok and there are tons of books to teach us how to developp it when we just have to listen and to trust her. Intuition is our more reliable master, always acurate. I have fail her for many years not believing, wanting to prove that she was wrong but as my creativity starts to blossom i follow her and am much steadier and confident now. I gain confidence in my judgements because i TRUST her not always though it’s an ongoing process. 
Old habits die hard!

As you can see i  return to the beiges! Just finished it and is one of my favorites . The old clock comes from Portugal and the music box and little bottles from Artfest, port towsend US that i bought last april to this adorable man at vendor night (for those interested he is in the left corner at the back ….) the door knock came from Paris ….A very traveled album…  hope you like it.
Now heading to the gym as my butt weighs tons after eating so much chocolate over the week end.
Have a nive week, fill with joy, laughter and share.

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