Mamie…oh Mamie blue

The first title that pop out was “missing you” so while drinking my coffee(just wake up…I love the jet lag!) I just realize how lately I’m in the mood of the past, when everything seemed possible. I believe it’s still is I tend to be a fighter “never give up” but as my 40 arrives I’m questioning a lot about what I’ve achieved so far. I met this beautiful and fun girl back in Port Towsend Amy who just quit her job after Artfest and decided to be an artist…Wow! Chapeau as we say in french. I was much impressed as I’ve been flying for 18 years now and my wildest dream would be precisely that, to have the guts to work at 50% (have only the best part of flying) and create CREATE  CREATE…  and if God allows it, conceive my daughter Sasha or boy Andrea. I told you it was wild! As one is so used to struggle a day after another the urge to just let go becomes overwhelming. I ‘m still on the edge of the cliff…still trying but with less and less strengh.The best thing that could happen is “lâcher-prise” LET GO.

Mamie would tell me just that” be able to believe that God never let us down that the best is still to come  don’t loose your FAITH”  so simple and yet very difficult to integrate.

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  1. Dear art sister…where to begin? I did what i did, when i did it (quit my day job) because if i did not i would have literally died. i was beyond miserable. your saving grace is that you can create when not working. i could not, because of my child, and the life force was being taken from me by that job…but each story is different. all i can say is stop the struggle…each day is a gift…and you are creating. sometimes to do it every day for your job is not so much fun…it is a job. deadlines and not doing exactly what it is you want to do when, because the bills need to be paid…pros and cons to everything. breathe, sister. it will happen…your art job, your baby, your life, exactly as it is supposed to happen. love and miss you much!!

  2. Step over the cliff, let go. Feel the air rush underneath you as you fall. Don’t look down, but look up, letting the air hold you, relaxed. The fall will take a very long time, and you will land on your faith. It is right there beneath you.
    And then you can marvel at how your life was transformed by that one step over the cliff.

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