Luis álbum

I made this album last april in Artfest, Nina Bagley’s class for my husband. I love doing it! As my roommate Nikki uses to say” it’s very organic”. It’s been 7 years now since I first met my husband, presented by my father and…it was instant “coup de foudre”. Our parents lived in the same neighborhood, we have lived abroad, share the same values and goals…despite the storms we have crossed (who doesn’t?) we have a profound and deep LOVE for one another.

 He’s my LOVE now and forever,  if God allows it.
 I’m truly blessed.
One of my dearest friend, Ana has her parents who have been together for 59 years, and  there are still so much in love. That’s another of my secret dream, to be with my beloved for a very long time… to hold each others hand till the end.

Enjoy …create HAVE FUN

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  1. Hi Alex, Have just jumped over from Flicka for a look and the book is beautiful. So many wonderful pieces to look at and textures too, my favourites! Keep persisting with the gel transfers, I too found these a challenge:) Cheers for now,
    Kim (merlinkp2000)

  2. Hi Alex,

    This book is just beautiful! I am so happy to have seen it in person, and shared this class with you at Artfest. I have been enjoying your blog and seeing your other pieces. I hope you are well!


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