Supply List Open Lesson

Let’s talk Supplies!

Original fotos from beloved ones that you will print in black and white laser /reverse on a plain paper
Gather precious items again from beloved ones like drawings, old recipes, handwriting letters, passports, identity cards, a watch, an earing, a ring, bits of hair, a tooth endless list …
organic elements like small branch of wood, coconut leaves, eucalyptus leaves, dried flowers…

2 vintage hard book covers mine are 18 x 12 cm (7 x 5 inches) choose the ones that speak to you. I found them in ebay or flea markets
small tintypes (I buy mines online either in Ebay or Etsy shop) or small black and white original fotos
1 matchbox mines are 5 x 3 cm ( 2 x 1,20 inches )
spray paint or acrylic paint to paint the matchbox
small brush
matte gel medium I use liquitex
a scissor
an awl and a hammer
strong glue I use loctite
double side tape
a stapler
a minidater (optional)
vintage dictionary pages or old pages
small objects found in flea markets like old brushes, rulers, nails ….
Tim Holtz remnant rub specimen (optional)
rusty wire I have several gauges and buy it online
yellow/white tape
exacto knife
watercolor paper
plain paper
instant coffee
coarse salt
a stamp (optional I have mine for years and use it a lot )
rusty flat objects found in flea markets to rust our papers and fabrics
a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water
kitchen thread
white fabric like linen, coton, silk, organza (think old tee shirts, skirts that you don’t use anymore will be perfect. we like to recycle)
an envelope
qualities here is the pdf for you to print in reverse either plain paper or watercolor
negative fotos
spines from old books
Tim Holtz vintage papers (choose the ones you like of course and you check at home what you have.)
tracing paper
acetate paper
DMC thread/ sewing machine thread
a needle
a lighter
a rag
black tea
a bone folder
wax thread
glue stick
alcohol inks I use are the colors, Dijon and Cranberry by Tim Holtz