I love my bed…

Arrived  from Mumbai this morning … with the sense of longing and wanting to come back soon. Either you like or dislike India i don’t get to see much in between…Just finished this superb book by Javier Moro the non authorized biography of Sonia Gandhi. What an extraordinary destiny! This italian woman coudn’t envisioned the life that was ahead of her when she falled  in love with Rajiv Gandhi back in the sixties. She was eighteen and fought for her love against the will of her father who wasn’t that happy to have her daughter to depart from distant India even to married a prince. The book is superbly written and we get to see both the life of Sonia and Rajiv and the one of Indira Gandhi. Not to be missed…

Check also on Katie Kendrick’s blog joyouslybecoming.typepad.com her new mixed media video. I absolutely love it, can’t wait for tomorrow to try her methods. She is so talented i am very blessed to know her.
Have a good week-end
I will plenty of ideas popping in….

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