I love Feng Shui

 I have been very quiet in the blog world but a lot has been happening in my Life! Positive things…I unleash my woman power…Wow! Sounds good as i’m writing it…Let me explain…First of all do you believe in Feng Shui? I was very reticent as our occidentals homes were definitely not built in this chinese ancient art but as i’m curious i open up…well the result was that in the Feng Shui magic square the number 2 which stands for the woman, the feminity, the relationship were a friend’s bedroom…which is about to be occupied by my husband’s daughter Sarah. Do you get the picture? She would be the woman of the house… she would rule our lives… I have been flirting with this room for a number of years, as the light is fabulous but a little tinier than my former studio ( we crafter do need space! ) There were always something that prevented that room to be finished and over the years my frustration grew but the task of swapping it all seemed enormous…yet again I do have a lot of material. It turned out that in less than four hours everything was done the energy was right and helping out. Unbelievable! Ckeck out in your own house… Some surprises may arouse…

Have a good week

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  1. Je suis convertie au Feng Shui du moins de la façon que cette amie l'adapte à notre culture occidentale et apparemment ça marche bien avec toi

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