I just call a friend asking him if by any chance he would rent his little house by the sea where i could go by my own with my dog Fidji to pass new year’s eve. All by myself, coming to terms with my demons. 
I have reached an age where i should be more confident and happy with me. I realize that’s is not the case i still have inside me deep wounds that cry for healing and that i tend to ignore them  being more in… the others are more important than me! 
My saboteur whispers me that “you are not important, you are worthless,you don’t count” I have this anger yet to be resolved so of course i am often confronted with a feeling of injustice. Back in my youths I felt powerless when my parents discussed with one another which…was on day basis! I felt this mixture of anger and sadness and never experienced a calm mind. We tend to reproduce the same patterns that our parents did imagining that we’ll do better inconscious young souls!
 The purpose is not doing better which is a dead end but to heal what lies beneath… So that’s my goal for the year to come. HEALING.

I wish you to overcome your fears
I wish you to love yourself
I wish you to respect yourself
I wish you to be assertive
I wish you to be creative
I wish to have the courage to take the right decisions
I wish you to be positive
I wish you to BELIEVE

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