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There’s nothing like being in good health and when one is usually in good shape to take it for granted!
So out of the blue i caught this intoxication back in San Francisco…was it the fear of crossing the Golden Gate that made me vulnerable plus the pouring rain! Don’t know for sure but i’m pretty ill for a week now which is unerving as i have SO  many projects…Don’t we all? 
Today back to the hospital with a violent pain in my right ear which prevent me from sleeping last night and a double otite as a result! I’m much enjoying my holidays! Tomorrow dentist!  
The extraordinary part is that the otites is truly my body eliminating scories from the past. I am doing this regressive therapy, check at  (for those who are interested) and yesterday was a very powerful session! It takes courage and determination to start a therapy, to heal from our deepest wounds and fears. I had never sensed so rapidly in my body the healing power at work so i accept it and even cherish it though it means feeling vulnerable in the middle.
I hope of course that the outcome will be a more criative and loving Life. 

 I have so many ideas and projects going on that now i must be assertive! Which is very complicated as i tend to avoid it.Being assertive is not being selfish! everyone knows that, i know it but still…in my mind that means i come first for the moment so i m not very available for those around and i feel…GUILTY. Thanks to our catholics education being guilty for no particular reason seems to be the natural way… and escaping from it takes again courage.
I’m in the process of growing up, of being a woman who has a Life of its own, who is able to made her own decisions and TRUST her inner thoughts and intuition. See why i’m ill! Pretty scary hein… but very much challenging too.
Tonight, even with all my medicine, I’m going along with my husband to assist a conference held by Matthieu Ricard, budhist and personal assistant of the Dalai Lama. Researches have been made, in his brain and the results are spectacular as his degree of total happiness is so prodigious that it escape all statistics! We are very excited to be able to listen to a holy man and to benefit from his imense aura.

Tomorrow there’s “NOITES DO PRINCIPE REAL” Rua D Pedro V em festa. I’ll tell you more…


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  1. i love coming here, looking at your blog, seeing your creativity manifest in projects and beautiful art, hearing your tender and honest words.

    you are brave indeed, doing this therapy. i have barbara's "hands of light book" and i am a strong believer in this way of healing. we must continue to be brave, one foot stepping out at a time, to be honest – write if you feel drawn to blog, know that you are touching lives even if people don't comment. follow your heart, it won't lead you astray.

    xoxox big love and hugs, dear one

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