Friend forever

Bom regresso ao Porto amiga. My friend is a rare and beautiful soul, one that we feel blessed to have for friend. She was my beautiful godmother at my wedding. I always carry her in my heart as we don’t get to see each other very often due to us living in diferent towns.
She is not only beautiful from the outside but her inside is one that we all long to have; a generous and kind heart, a friend that i can call at 3 am in distress knowing that she will come to help me no matter how long it will take her to drive to Lisbon, a friend who knows it all, who understands everything, a friend who never judges others only herself, sometimes i sense she’s too hard on her, pushes her body to the limit. 
She’s the mother of all of us
She’s in the unconditional giving…her task would be each single day to have more time for herself 
She’s an ancient soul with a thousand lives behind
She’s a shining and remarkable soul
I love you my friend xo

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