About Hope…

 It seems that i have only questions without answers those days. In this moment of huge crise in Portugal what can we do to help one another, to give support, to listen and still be positive?
The state is cutting everywhere, people struggle to remain afloat but it becomes more and more challenging each day to just survive. Some go to the beach to regain energy, i do whenever i can but i like to gather  down my thoughts, my dreams in my “make a wish journals”too. I follow Julia Cameron’s advice( the vein of gold, a journey to your creative heart) to write down every single day with no exception 3 pages who will help you to become more centered, balanced and alert. Easy to say when it seems there is no way out, when you found only close doors ahead of you. No need to reply doors will open one day, have to be patient blabla bla… And ye,t you soon realise that human beings have unlimited resources within them after moments of complete despair HOPE arise again and solutions follow. In the meantime we realize how being united and helpful with one another is what truly counts in the end.

 Have a nice week end
Tell a friend how much you love him
Give a huge hug
Look into the mirror and say ” i love myself with all my scars, wrinkles, overweight because I am unique.”
Be blessed

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