2011…you go girl!

  Between Christmas and New Eve time stands still,  there are always a lot of joy and gratitude in the air.
 It’s a moment of peace where families and friends get together, share, exchange, bounds become more profound each year. It’s a moment to remember with tenderness the ones that are no longer but will remain forever in our hearts. It’s a time of rest where the worries lay aside, where we take good resolutions hoping that this year maybe we can keep some of them…..for a month at least! December is a blessed month for me, preparing with love and care the presents, forseeing their happiness, knowing that mom is cooking delicious meals that i won’t find anywhere in the world. It’s a moment to remember those who are alone or like this year who have their flights cancelled and couldn’t make it to their destination. It’s a moment to make amend. I cherish the dream that next year will be better that the crisis will pass that abundance will return that we have learned the lessons out of it.
It’s a moment of expectation
 What is there for me in 2011?
 What insights will i receive?
Will i grow and evolve?
Will i understand what is there to be worked out?
Will i have the guts to do it?
So many answered questions …..

Have fun
Remember to laugh every day
Dance with your love
Cook chocolates cake and drink them with champagne
Right love letters to your love and hide them in his trousers

Live life fully

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