30 days to Artfest, my trades are almost……finish!!!! still 100 to go…he he he but i don’t stress it’s supposed to be fun right? I listen to my inner child and deep into it with delight. I’ve learned the lesson. I’ve just arrived from Rio de Janeiro who’s called “cidade maravilhosa” (wonderful city) which it is for her outrageous beauty, the landscape is awesome and most of all the “cariocas”( people from Rio) are one of the most happy people in the planet. Give them the beach, the football and the samba and they glow with joy. Trying to figure out why they are so happy though they have so “little” from  our material standards and i guess they have understood that life will bring it’s share of burdens so WHY NOT BE HAPPY ALL ALONG, TODAY!…

and that brings me to how can i help a friend who is drowning? i’m lost as i don’t seem to find the words, the right attitude to help her nor seem other commons friends. Pride is one of the worst default to have, as it will lead you directly to hell in my opinion. What keeps us from accepting that we are in need, that we are vulnerable, that simply we can take it any longer? How deep in depression must one go, how much loneliness must one experience to accept that there are FRIENDS OUT THERE EAGER TO HELP BECAUSE THEY CARE.
i’ve discovered over the years(hey i’m fortie now!!!!) that for certain people is very difficult to accept others help but on the other hand they are the first to help you no matter what and they complain a lot about  how they have to do it all by themselves, no one is ever there to help them bla bla bla….. So i will follow my mother’s advice(don’t we always…..) she’s the psy!  
 i have to let go as one can’t live others life. 
I feel guilty and hopeless. 
I feel disappointed
I feel frustrated………………….  anger, rage, violence is NEVER THE PATH but i will have to let her find out at her own cost. 

Heading to Paris where i’m going to be qualified with the brand new Airbus 380.
 22 flight attendants, 400 passengers and New york is the first destination.Wow! 



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