Light at the end of the tunnel

Two months ago, i had a very deep session with my therapist, i felt light and enpowered afterwards. I realized now how deep we went into my inconscious because i felt reluctant to get back, there’s one side of me who really wants to heal but of course there’s the “dark” side who is terribly scared of the unknown, of being unprotected which is the other way around of course! So i am comitted towards myself to pursue my therapy especially when i don’t want to go. Human behavior as always fascinates me! How we tend to repeat the same patterns over and over again.
How we keep habits and thoughts that we know are definitely not good for us. Very strange our way of functioning, others  superior beings outhere must regards us as aliens!

 Tomorrow heading to Shanghai, i travel with a very light luggage now, never know what i can find there! Very excited of course but today i will stay in my studio regaining energy, creating, listening to cool jazz, drinking hot tea with plenty of milk, being relaxed…..
Have a good week end, despite the bad weather here in Lisbon, enjoy and have fun

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