Flea market in Paris

For us who love to craft, Paris is a magical place. I convince Luis to come with me to “les puces de clignancourt”.
First stop, I recommend a baguette with saucisson(not light but so tasty) along with a bordeaux, chinon ou côtes du rhônes and enjoy, then you are able to fully appreciate the vue. I know french don’t have a good reputation so I was more than happy to hear back in Artfest that I was an exception(must be my portuguese side!) once you’ve overcome the fact that french are bad humored towards everyone not just you! you can relax and start the search. It’s like disneyland, so many treasures.I was completely excited to find a 18th doll little dress, it’s absolutely gorgeous, the story that it carries, who did it belong to, what misteries lay within…I was close to tears with emotion, Luis at that point was sharing my happiness and content and help me find others small objects. It was a blessed day!
We laugh, dance and hug a lot.

Back in the studio, I look at my small doll dress and touch it now and then just to feel the texture, and even the smell of ancient. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT…
My mother made me yesterday an hipnose session and had me commit to have two sessions every week, as she thinks i need to regain some balance and strengh in my life. Normally i should made them alone but of course i’m lazy and love her slow and deep voice.The results of erickson hipnose are quite espectacular if one pratices with regularity.I’m blessed and very fortunate to have chosen such a mom, who is always happy, giving her energy and her time around.


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  1. ha!!!! la baguette qui sort croustillante de chez le boulanger ou…… un bon bordeaux à la terrasse d'un café… Vive Paris malgré les parisiens. Je ne sais pas si tu as besoin de prier pour quelque chose mais sûrement pas pour avoir du talent. Tu en as à revendre plonge-toi avec délice dans ton scrap t'es bonne, je dirai même EXCELLENTE; Avoir "fait" une fille si douée. OUAHHHHH

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