Thank you

I am really excited about Katie Kendrick online class. She’s so inspiring and talented. It’s like i have been waiting all these years the green light…and off i go. I have been in my studio with my hands full of paint and watercolors crayons feeling alive. I don’t know where i’m going but i definitely sense that a new and exciting path is ahead. i like to doubt i like to try i like to question i like to explore i like…myself each day a little bit more Make something bold this week xo

drawers are opening

I am in a good shape well maybe not yesterday as i drink too many caipirinhas! That’s the thing with this brazilian drink once you begin it’s quite difficult to stop… but i did  enjoy myself and dance with my husband and a dear friend which was great! I was saying that i have recover from the endless flights and have plenty of new items in my atelier, drawers are definitely opening for me. I am back with ideas, projects…. and am planning to have my own site . Come this week-end to jardim da estrela, Craft and Design market with a jazz concert at 17h and plenty of beautiful handmade art. Have fun xo

Create your own agenda

I do love my agenda though is not a small one i take it everywhere with me! Why don’t you create your own? Add the photos of your beloved ones along with specials postcards, plenty of vintage papers, where you can  write never ending list of your goals, projects, secret desires.  My agenda pretty much defines me, it’s handmade original and unique. In this world of globalization it is good in my point of view to resist and follow our own path. What are your passions? (quote minimum 10) What makes you unique? What do you bring to the world?  Are you happy with your life? Do you like yourself? I know i have been questioning a lot lately, must ask my astrologers pals what is this all about! But i like it to challenge myself and specially to have goals. What is there for you? Do you live life to the fullest? My secret desire would be to sleep 3 to 4h taking a magic pill that would give me a lot of energy to carry on with day …

Le grand Bleu

How odd!  I just received an email from my first love back when i was seventeen… It didn’t last long but for me it lasted a lifetime. I relish that year as one of total happiness, my grand-mother moved on with us as she wanted “to divorce” after fifty years of marriage as my grand father didn’t make the celebrations of half a century they spent together. We didn’t take it seriously but loved having Mamie around everyday she cooked us different and delicious meals, sewing in the afternoon, her hands never at rest.  My first love looked like Mickey Rourke, one of the handsome guys in school and he asked me to date him!  I was feeling whole, my dreams had came true. I remember him as one does with first love with romantic eyes, we never argue, we had fun, we danced… we spent endless hours talking. He had this “mobylette” that i thought was sooooo cool riding behing him feeling his male scent how unerving that was and exciting! We were free spirited but still so shy. …

Mon Amour,mon Amant, mon Ami

Mon mari …mon Amour que j’ai attendu si longtemps comme je t’aime. J’aime ta forçe et ta perséverance J’aime ta tenacité et ton courage J’aime ta grande intuition ton empathie avec le monde qui t’entoure J’aime tes remises en question la volonté  à aller de l’avant J’aime ta droiture et ton intégrité J’aime savoir que je peux toujours compter sur toi J’aime ton extraordinaire intuition J’aime ta douceur et ta sensibilité J’aime ta présence et ta disponibilité J’aime ton écoute et ta patience à mon égard J’aime te savoir fidèle en Amour et en Amitié J’aime ta générosité J’aime tes surprises tes gestes tes attentions J’aime…… JE T’AIME tout simplement MOI AUSSI  de bisou à matchito


OLÁ A TODOS Estou completamente “scrapbooking addict”. Desenvolvi esta paixão à cerca de 5 anos quando descobri numa loja em Los Angeles o livro extraordinário de Bev Brazelton “altered books workshop”. A idéia é recuperar, transformar e criar livros de memória com fotografias dos nossos filhos, maridos, pais, avós, amigos, etc…. Existe um mundo quer seja na net ou em lojas, onde podemos comprar o material que precisamos para nos divertirmos. O engraçado é que todos os meus amigos e amigos de amigos, rapidamente juntaram material para me dar…. Obrigado á Dulce, Natalia e Helena Almeida pelos tecidos e botões, também à Mafalda pelas lindas penas…bonjour à Tours…, à minha irmã Nina pelas caixas de corn-flakes, merçi à Jaqueline mon amie artiste-peintre que j’admire et aime profondément pour le livre d’illustration entre autres etc… Tive a sorte este ano de participar no “version scrap” em Paris em workshops com a artista Pam Garrison e também estive em Portland no evento “art and soul” onde quase não dormi de tão entusiasmada que estava( eu sei,bem longe de casa lisboa-paris-seattle-portland onde a …